Production of decorative elements from composite materials

Fiberglass – is a solid composite material that has won the market and supplanted many other materials from it. It is made according to a certain technique, with the addition of a certain amount of epoxy or polyester resin. Using this technology allows to get special material, that has unique physical, chemical and operational characteristics.

Creating this composite material is a very difficult and painstaking process, that involves many other important actions, and demand special conditions, such as:

  • special equipment requirement
  • high-quality materials requirement
  • innovative technologies availability
  • team of skilled workers and professionals.

Our company has all of the listed above and even more. We are engaged in creating different types of decorative elements, including creating various elements and items from fiberglass, for both, interior and exterior design. However, our company specialists are able not only to make custom elements from fiberglass, they can easily manufacture fiberglass matrixes for any needs and demands. Moreover, for special customers we can make fiberglass elements even for boats.

There are some reasons why people usually choose fiberglass details as a part of decoration. First of all they look really aesthetically, which indicates a good tastes of its owner. Secondly this details are incredibly durable and reliable.

What are the main advantages of using fiberglass details.

The prior advantage is its very light weight compare to other similar constructions and materials from gypsum and fibro-concrete for example.

However, fiberglass details and elements are not cheap, but their price apearse to be fair when we talk about its advantages such as durability and multifunctionality.

Modelled Décor – is a European level company with big experience, who has all necessary for producing the best composite solutions on any demand.

Modelled Decor can offer wide assortment of fiberglass products for any kind of purpose. In our company you can order wares and products of any shape, any size, and of course for every taste.

Our specialists finish every order within the agreed timeframes, in accordance with concluded agreements. All the prices for our services are absolutely reasonable and democratic.

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