Cooperation with architects, designers and construction organizations is a Modelled Decor team work main priority.

The Modelled Decor team consists of high-quality specialists with vast experience in various fields of art. Our employees have proficiency in both classical techniques of work, and the latest techniques, the use of which allows you to create unique result. Modelled Decor studio works in all directions of art, from classical to modern and postmodern.

The use of decorative elements in the classical style – one of the most popular trends in interior or exterior decoration. The use of classical methods during different surfaces decoration, such as a facade, will make all the building look more refined and elegant.

We are also open to cooperation and ready to work with:

  • construction companies;
  • architects;
  • designers;
  • general contractors;
  • engineers;
  • restorers etc.

We offer mutually beneficial cooperation, which will help you to implement any of your bravest ideas. Cooperation with Modelled Decor is a path of development and self-improvement, interesting and non-standard methods of work, openness and transparency. We always willing to take in account any wishes of our clients and do our best to bring them to live.

Still have questions? Call our office or write to our email address. We have answer to all your questions and are ready to provide them as soon as possible.