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All the works were executed in a high-quality and right on time. The work was carried out in accordance with established norms and in compliance with accepted standards. It’s nice that the Modelled Decor took into account all our wishes and listened to all our proposals. The company specialists used the most advanced and high-quality methods and building materials during work process.


We have been cooperating with this company for a long time. During our partnership, many interesting projects were implemented. Modelled Décor is a reliable and conscientious company. The work was carried out in accordance with the contract, timely and qualitatively.


Studio Modelled Décor performed the facade restoration works and the interior decoration of the mini hotel in the Khatsk village, Cherkasy region. All the objectives were carried out in accordance with the accepted building standards and norms. The company clearly adhered to the duties prescribed in the contract. The technical conditions which were set to the company, were fulfilled qualitatively and on time. Over a period of this work all the customer’s wishes were taken into account as much as possible. In their work, the Modelled Décor employees used only modern building materials and the most advanced techniques for restoring the premises. During the cooperation period, the organization has established itself as a reliable performer with qualified, professional staff. All issues were resolved as soon as possible. We can proudly recommend Modelle Décor as a reliable and high-quality partner. Company has all necessary permission documents to implement this type of work. And, in addition, Modelled Décor has its own production line.

Bogdan Gennadievich

We have been cooperating with the company for two years. For all this time we had no conflict situations as well as issues that could not be solved. I would like to thank you and your employees for the creation and implementation of various projects. Implementation of construction and engineering works, objects reconstruction and their complete decoration. All works were carried out in a timely manner, with the appropriate quality and with consideration of all quality standards. Your company has proved its professionalism, technical awareness and ability to perform its work in a quality manner. All the executed objects fully comply with our requirements. General expenses did not exceed the accepted estimated cost. We are completely satisfied with the result and we recommend your company as a reliable, responsible and trusted partner.


Modelled Decor is not an ordinary construction company that offers its clients services for construction and restoration. After all, we do not just create interiors or exteriors, we do it with incredible dedication, putting our soul and heart into our work. Our team consists of highly qualified specialists, true professionals of their business, who know exactly how to turn a conventional design decision into a real piece of art. In its work our company is guided by two main principles:

  • high qualification employees
  • complex and creative approach that helps to solve any task

Modelled Decor has long experience in construction and restoration numerous projects. During its existence, we have executed many projects not only on the territory of Ukraine, but also beyond its borders. We have big experience with private objects, and with the restoration and renovation of cultural and architectural monuments. Preservation of the historical and cultural heritage is the main goal of our work.

Modelled Decor offers you a wide range of services, among them are:

  • handmade production of stucco moldings and elements for individual projects in our own workshops
  • stucco details installation and restoration of any complexity for both interior and exterior
  • production of small sculptural forms and decorative elements for interior design
  • applying of installation works for decoration of the facade facing with the use of an archistone, glass fiber-reinforced concrete, fiberglass and other new materials
  • high-quality and affordable facades and structures insulation
  • professional artistic painting of the interior, facade cladding
  • architectural monuments, historical objects and other buildings restoration
  • glass mosaic production and installation as a popular trend in the design of modern interior;
  • various decorative work, using next techniques: patination, gilding, painting and other types of processing
  • applying different services that require engagement of highly professional masters for complex projects
  • implementation of ready-made design projects of any complexity

To see our specialists work examples and make sure in their professionalism, you can visit our website portfolio. It will help you to make sure, that all the projects we have executed – are the real masterpieces.

Cooperation with Modelled Décor is an easy and pleasant process whose result will surpass all your expectations. Our specialists are able to implement every taste and any complexity project. We expect that our cooperation will be the most profitable and fruitful.

You can get additional information by phone on our website or send an email to our email address.