Facade decoration

Many years ago, when people only started to make their first steps in building industry, they all used the same methods and techniques to create constructions. On full speed new buildings and constructions appeared one by one, with using the same technology. It quickly led to full monotony in architecture design.

All the buildings had the same look, with the same decoration and the same facades. In a while, when Renaissance began, some new ideas appeared, building materials market began to grow, and of course, new architectural trends displaced vestiges of the past. That’s how new technologies brought new capabilities.

However, in a while, new problem arrived. Facade decoration became very boring and dull, and amazed people no more. Using red bricks as a decorative element, that was so exquisite and modern, became very common and usual, and of course nobody else thought of it as something special. Can you imagine, people invented so many things, but still so many new ideas became boring and dull. In that situation, nobody expected anything else to be invented. But like old adage goes: “everything new is well forgotten old”. That is how people found the way out.

In our days facade decoration is very important and current. For thousand years people used this architectural method to beautify ancient palaces and mansions, houses of nobles and other architectural masterpieces.

Nowadays, facades facing is a very popular trend, which is becoming more and more demanded every day. This fact is easy to explain – you can not stay indifferent when you see big and beautiful columns, with bizarre patterns of stucco molding on them, small sculptural forms and other elements, that appears to be the real sign of luxury and the sophisticated aesthetic taste of their owner. Of course you can’t. That’s why using of baroque or classicism style of decor is now becoming more popular.

There are tons of options that you can use to make your building facade unique, but the most affordable and popular among them are:

  • stucco and various gypsum elements, as well as styrofoam details
  • fiberglass decorative products
  • polymer concrete decorative details.

Nowadays handmade details created by our masters get more popularity. This fact is easy to explain, because handcrafted details and products are made specially to satisfy customers tastes and allow masters to create immortal masterpieces that exist in a single copy.

Among other things, stucco elements, used on the facades of buildings, look very aesthetic, and have high-quality performance, with almost unlimited lifetime. Even in the case when there is some damage on the stucco, it can be easily restored or renewed. In our work we use only the most modern techniques and methods, with the best decorative materials.

For those who want to make their facade even more beautiful and rich, we can offer one more technique – painting on gypsum stucco and fiberglass parts. There are few unique ideas, that can give a lot of new unusual solutions. For example, using the patination technique can help to create so-called “aging effect” that looks so rich and luxury. And using the technique of gilding, will give the facade a special charm and a unique, spectacular view.

In any case, cooperation with our masters is always a creative and interesting process during which non-standard solutions and creative ideas are getting born.

Modelled Décor is always happy to work with architects, project managers and individual customers.

We always willing to offer our clients:

highly skilled craftsmen services

facades decoration of any complexity and for every taste

mutually beneficial terms of cooperation

transparent terms and conditions for cooperation

convenient payment methods

mutual understanding between us and the customer.

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