Stucco patination – SIMPLY AND BEAUTIFUL

Nowadays it is very difficult to surprise a person with anything. Nobody can be surprised and excited when see design solutions, with the use of techniques in the high-tech style, and other urban and minimalist approaches. But don’t get discouraged, because there is always a way out. If you want to create something new and interesting – do not rush to reinvent the wheel because it has already been invented. Just refer to the origins of art, to the ancient techniques that been used for creating an interior and not only for ages.

One of such techniques is patination. With its help, you can create interesting and non-standard solutions, both for the interior and for the exterior of any object. So what is patination? In short – it is a combination of different techniques and methods that are used to give the surface an “aging effect”.

Using patination, you can provide such an effect to almost any surface. Today it is a very popular technique, because it can be used not only for the facade of buildings, but also for different interior items.

One of the prior activities of our specialists work is buildings facades stucco elements patination, as well as interior and exterior patination. Our team professionals use only high-quality materials and techniques to get the best result. It allows to work on almost any surface and tiny details. This kind of facades decoration add some special charm and helps to reinvent design solution, make any building and construction look richer.

Patination can be used on next surfaces:

  • stucco elements
  • small sculptural forms
  • moldings and details made of polyurethane

Buildings facade with as called “aging effect” can be found in many ukrainian cities and town, and every day this popularity getting only bigger. However, patination is good not only for walls or facades. Nowadays this techniques widely used as a decorative method for aging furniture, and give it Provence style, that helps to create classical or “old” furniture, which appears a very good alternative to any modern or even antique models. Patination helps to make absolutely unseen examples that can be identify as real piece of art.

This effect can be reached by following next steps:

  • wood patination
  • patination of individual decorative elements from various materials, etc.

One of the priority work technique our masters use is patination of various decorative materials and giving it the right accents. Sometimes, even not significant and seemingly not important things and details, can become the key to success. But it doesn’t mean that you need to check all the antique shops searching for this “things and details”. First of all, this is very long lasting and boring procedure, second, it can very expensive to buy antique stuff in special shops. Therefore, giving the products that you have at hand, as called “aging effect” using patination – is an ideal way out.

Any way, according to universality of this method, we can say with confidence – this is very popular and demanded design solution, which helps to create absolutely new and unique patterns.

Our masters have a very large and, most importantly, very successful work experience. We gladly cooperate with both personal clients, architects and designers, as well as project managers with various demands.

Our workshop is always open for cooperation and is ready to share its vast experience, fresh ideas and exquisite works of our masters.

You can see our master`s work examples in our portfolio.

Among the main advantages of cooperation with the Modelled Decor workshop are the following:

  • transparent terms of the agreements and contracts;
  • a lot of modern methods of payment;
  • highly skilled specialists;
  • a great work experience, both in Ukraine and abroad.

Our team is the key to your success! Our creativity and ability to work for results, often exceed even the most daring expectations.

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