Safe cooperation!

Nowadays, the Ukrainian market is full of various companies and organizations who offer their construction and architectural services. Modelled Decor is a company with vast experience and a long successful history. At our disposal we have competent specialists who use creative and innovative approaches in their work. We are not trying to create a simple design. We strive to create a unique and one-of-a-kind design, that will be a real piece of art.

Our main advantage over competitors is the availability of our own production line and highly qualified specialists who create and restore products made of gypsum and composite materials. Among other advantages of our company is environmental friendliness of our manufacture and materials that we use in our work. They are completely safe and meet all international quality standards. Modelled Decor is the European level company. We have had centuries of successfully implemented projects throughout Ukraine.

If you are thinking about making any restoration work in your home, cooperation with our company will be a good and successful decision. In case you have conceived large-scale construction or great restoration work and you need a high-quality and professional performer, then Modelled Decor is exactly what you need.

Our prerogative is a transparent terms of cooperation.

As a large European company, we work with our clients and customers according to concluded contracts. Cooperation agreements are giving a guarantee of transparency and provision of all agreed services.

Before contacting our company, please read our terms of cooperation:

  • we do not charge 100% prepayment, but we do not work without prepayment at all;
  • the amount of the advance payment depends on each specific object and is discussed with the customer;
  • we begin our work only after client’s permission;
  • all details are discussed at the stage of project creation;
  • any details and circumstances that have arisen during the work nuances can be determined separately by mutual agreement;
  • full calculation is made only after the end of work and only after signing of the acceptance certificate;
  • any payment method is acceptable.

If you are satisfied with our conditions and you are ready to start cooperation, we can offer you something else. For example, the implementation of the interior or exterior exclusive restoration for your personal project. In the Modelled Decor workshops, our specialists create handmade masterpieces that exist only in a single copy.

Still have questions? Call our office or write to our email address. We have answer to all your questions and are ready to provide them as soon as possible.