Architectural gypsum decoration – sophistication and luxury

Nowadays architectural design with gypsum is becoming more and more popular. It is widely used for interior and exterior decoration of modern buildings. This in not only because of fashion trends, it is because of clients special tastes and preferences as well. Newfangled trends and fashion currents, create new demands and suggestions, and now using popular and laconic hightech with its minimalism is not enough to satisfy clients wishes and tastes.

Gypsum decoration was popular many years ago, not only in ancient Rome, it was popular many years after, during Baroque and Classicism period. Its unsurpassed wares and handmade products were used for decorating different buildings, such as monasteries, churches, and of course rich and noble people, including royal dynasties were passionate about this type of design solutions.

Today, old times luxury designs becoming popular again, and taking place in modern building solutions, giving more space for creativity, and becoming the part of customers self-expression. Well known trend in interior and exterior decoration called Stucco is widely used in many modern projects, and becoming new fashion decision which helps to transform any homely building into real peace of art.

And the main goal of our specialists – is creation this kind of unsurpassed architectural ensembles, including:

  • stucco texture on the walls and ceiling
  • arches, columns and pilasters
  • shelves for fireplaces
  • balustrades
  • friezes
  • sockets
  • masks and other small architectural forms
  • windows and window frames decoration
  • exterior decoration.

Our company is creating and applying many different ideas which are totally unlike other decisions present on the market. Using ultra-modern materials and unique techniques, we give such kind of design as stucco, absolutely unusual and custom shapes, besides we add new decorative elements to make extra performance and give a born to a new design miracles.

We use only handcrafted elements and items, made by our specialists, who can also make gilding and patination of stucco elements. This allows to transform and beautify even very boring and dull building, giving it attractiveness and expressiveness.

The advantages of cooperation with our company

First of all – individual approach to each client (customisation). Our specialists use only natural and proven materials, and evoid polyurethane. Our materials are absolutely safe, high-quality, and allow to create long-lasting elements.

Besides, we can help our customers to understand which kind of design to choose, and what type of elements will guarantee the best result, in both, interior and exterior.

Handcrafted elements advantages

Of course, elements made with gentle and passionate hands, have much more benefits next to factory ones examples. Our specialists put all their love and care into each item, which helps to create something more than just a soulless thing. This kind of attitude projects on all the construction.

Any building facade – is a kind of visit card, Its owner embodiment. That is why making facade is very responsible and important part. We can not only help you to create a project, we can also give it a life.

Our company have big experience and completed projects in Ukraine and abroad. These projects include: stucco decoration in classic interiors, modern interiors, and exterior decoration of any complexity at affordable prices.

Our company allows you to make payments using a variety of methods, with no risks.

We are looking forward to working with architects and individual customers, who want to bring any idea to life.

You can check our portfolio on our website.

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