Gilding in modern interiors design

Gilding is an ancient technique that has shown itself from the best side for more than a century ago, and now it is becoming popular again, transforming into new trend. Classic interiors, which gradually acquire extraordinary popularity, can not be imagined without using various techniques and methods including gilding. Such techniques are very popular not only for interior design, they can be widely used by designers and architects who create their own unique masterpieces on the buildings facades.

Nowadays, there are several techniques and methods for surfaces gilding. Starting from the more traditional – using gold leaf, and ending with more modern and innovative – when gilding is made with the addition of various components that give the product of any type, a unique golden luster. The intensity of pigmentation, allows you to create bright golden glare and light glow, which give your imagination unlimited possibilities.

For example, in Kiev, the use of gilding technique in interior and exterior decoration is getting widespread character, and of course the number of industries were gilding is used as decorative method massively grows. It is very important to understand, that gilding is very multi-purpose action. Using it you can give a live to many different things and elements, which seemed to become obsolete and rusty.

Eventually it can be used for:

  • decorating stucco elements on ceiling and walls
  • renewal of old wooden furniture
  • for transformation of interior objects and daily use stuff
  • for glass and plastic products
  • for anything made of gypsum
  • for decoration of any other handmade objects.

Creativity and lateral thinking – are the main rules of our masters they use in creating their “small” masterpieces. Gilding technologies are very demanded during restoration works.

At present, there is a tendency, when the society pays more and more attention to the renovation and restoration of various temple structures and objects that carry cultural and historical value.

Gilding is one of the most important techniques that our masters use in their work when they restore temples and other historical and cultural structures.

Our company specialists have great experience in gilding. Our team has repeatedly participated in the restoration of temple structures, historical monuments and cultural sites located both in Ukraine and abroad.

The advantages of working with our masters are obvious:

  • non-standard approach, and solution techniques
  • great work experience and well-honed skills
  • the ability to execute a project of any complexity from the stage of creation, to the stage of implementation
  • only high-quality materials with very long lifetime
  • the possibility of mutually beneficial cooperation with architects, designers, etc

Modelled Décor specialists are ready to work on any project, starting from a small apartment and finishing with grandiose restoration work. Now, it is extremely fashionable to use gilding on stucco elements, which, by the way, our masters can easily create for every taste.

So, if you want to make your project really special and unusual – gilding is exactly what you need.

Our company can provide gilding service at the lowest prices, with the highest quality.

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