Garden and park sculptures

It’s been a long time since parks and garden sculptures were available only to kings and people from their surroundings. Thanks to meticulous work of our talented artists and our own production line, we are pleased to give you the opportunity to transform your garden or park area by adding to your landscape majestic statues of wild animals, mythological creatures and even full-sized people.

Mankind create marble statues and sculptures for several thousand years. Professional collectors chasing the antique products with the great passion. Because of its high cost and relative complexity of its processing, the price for the human-sized model can reach hundreds thousands hryvnias. And the smaller model is, the more complicated work needs to be done, because it is very difficulty to carve the smallest details, such as hair, fingers or closing elements, and of course, the price for such model will only grow.

But what about horticulturists, gardeners and housekeepers who want to turn the homestead territory into a royal courtyard, and the living room into a Greek gallery? Spending millions is not necessary.

Polystone – is a modern polymer industry material: easy to handle, unpretentious, ready-made resistant to external influences, does not require chemical treatment of the post, can be easily colored. All of its undeniable advantages, positively affect on the final price of the product.

What is happening with your gypsum figures  after the summer season? They go to a junkyard, or to a workshop.

Our products are made of synthetic material – polystone (artificial stone) and covered with heavy-duty two-component paint (similar to automobile paint). Thanks to this, all the sculptures are well-protected from external environment and weather conditions, and can be left outside throughout the year. For example, sculptures from our workshop retain their unchanged quality for five years in a row.

Our products advantages:

  • Uniqueness. The workshop and the whole team of professional artists constantly offer conceptual models, the best versions of which are sent to the formation.
  • The price. We are the manufacturers, not dealers. Having our own workshops, we help you to save about 40% compared to other competitors.
  • Quality. A high level of our products is confirmed by well-executed work and satisfied customers throughout many years.

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